Unlock assets’ hidden value with our Refinancing options. Businesses may be able to raise additional capital against any of their assets with an inherent resale value, such as machinery and vehicles.

The funds raised through Refinance with us can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including:

Acquiring a business – enabling a business to act quickly to close an acquisition

Pay unplanned bills – cover a business’s sudden, unexpected costs

Raise working capital – Raise funds to help in the day-to-day running of the business

Raise funds to acquire other equipment – helping businesses to buy assets that are not suitable for asset finance

Our repayments structures

Seasonal payments – schedule payments to overpay at times when business is thriving

Escalating profiles – payments gradually increase over time

Who is refinancing for?

Take a business who has recently invested heavily in expensive equipment. Suddenly, a key competitor is up for sale and a rare opportunity to expand quickly arises. We believe they should not miss out.

Instead, refinancing from InterBay Asset Finance could help to quickly raise the investment capital in time, without losing access to key equipment.

Why choose Refinance?

Put simply, it provides flexibility. From paying unplanned bills to acquiring a new business and expanding, refinancing can help a business to free up funds that would otherwise be tied up in assets. Not only is it a compelling alternative to traditional bank funding, it is also an opportunity to reassess funds and consider alternative options.