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Author: Paul FazakerleyPublished: 21 Sep 2022

This week is Recycling Week, and we at InterBay Asset Finance are committed to doing our part to help the environment.

Recycle Week is a national campaign to encourage people to recycle more of their household waste. The campaign runs every year in September and is organised by WRAP, the government's waste reduction charity.

Recycle Week is a great way to get involved in helping to protect our environment and save resources. By recycling more of our waste, we can reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill, and help to conserve energy and raw materials.

When it comes to recycling, businesses have a big role to play. In fact, businesses generate a large percentage of the world's waste. But what can businesses do to recycle?

There are a few things businesses can do to help with recycling efforts:

  1. Reducing waste in the first place is the best way to help with recycling. This can be done by finding ways to reduce packaging, using recycled materials, and avoiding unnecessary waste.
  2. Separating recyclable materials from other waste is another important step businesses can take. This can be done by having separate bins for different types of recyclables, or by working with a recycling company that will pick up mixed recyclables.
  3. Finally, businesses can help by donating recyclable materials to organizations that can use them. This helps to keep recyclable materials out of landfills, and it also helps those in need.

By taking these steps, businesses can help make a difference in the world of recycling. Every little bit helps, and businesses are in a unique position to make a real impact.

So this Recycle Week, make a pledge to recycle more and make a difference!

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