Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase

A Hire Purchase agreement makes it easier for a business to budget by spreading the cost of an asset over an agreed term, meaning they don't need to pay everything upfront.

Additionally, the business takes title to the asset upon paying a small fee at the end of the term.

At InterBay Asset Finance, we’re experts at structuring deals to meet the differing needs of SMEs and corporate entities.

Key benefits of Hire Purchase agreements

Spread the cost - Spread the cost over an agreed term to assist with monthly cash flow

Seasonal repayments - Structured profiles available to take into account seasonal fluctuations in cash flow

Tax efficient funding - Offset your hire purchase interest and charges against pre-tax profits

Ownership - Own the asset at the end of the agreed term and claim capital allowances (in the majority of cases)

Our repayment options

Our repayment options

VAT deferral

Delay paying VAT for up to four months.

Seasonal payments

Schedule payments to match cash flow seasonality.

Escalating profiles

Increase payments over time to match business productivity and growth.

Low or zero deposits

We can offer agreements with little or no deposit.

Balloon payments

Pay a lump sum at the end of the agreement to reflect the anticipated future value of the asset.

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