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Author: Paul FazakerleyPublished: 01 Feb 2021

The most resilient individuals and teams are not the ones that drift along, but instead, they are the ones who take on challenges, then learn and come back stronger.
Taking on challenges and sometimes struggling is far from a sign of weakness. The characteristics of those people who repeatedly come back from difficulties go hand in hand with those of high achievers. They are the people who care the most about positive outcomes, those that are most ambitious, and, crucially, those that can take feedback on board and adapt accordingly.
Resilience takes personal strength, but fostering it increases self-esteem, job satisfaction, productivity, and, most importantly, happiness.
Dr Ginsburg, child paediatrician and human development expert, proposes that there are seven integral and interrelated components that makeup being resilient – competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping and control. 
Here at InterBay Asset Finance, we promote and encourage our employees to demonstrate resilience. Still, as a business that is coming up to three years old, we have been learning from the challenges and evolving as we go. The journey and the evolution of InterBay Asset Finance have come not only through working and collaborating with great colleagues across InterBay Asset Finance and One Savings Bank; but also listening, learning, and adapting from the feedback from our brokers and customers, which represents our values that are embedded into our culture.

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