InterBay Asset Finance started with the vision to be a lender that unlocks businesses' potential

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Author: Paul FazakerleyPublished: 16 Mar 2022

Three years ago, InterBay Asset Finance was set up with the principle that everything we do is geared towards making our products and services work for every broker and customer.

Our staff understand how important our customer's business is to them. So, we treat every case with the respect it deserves and take as much of the hassle away as possible to make it an enjoyable experience, and three years ago, we made a conscious choice:

'Obsess over our customers and brokers, not our competition.'

So I am delighted that we have been shortlisted for the second year in a row for the Business Moneyfacts Awards for 'Best Service from an Asset Based Finance Provider'.

Today, we believe that the key to quality service is to:

  • Ensure we provide outstanding customer service every time you interact with us
  • Have a can-do attitude
  • Value solid and enduring relationships we build
  • Be flexible with deal structures and credit approvals
  • Treat customers fairly, which is at the heart of everything we do

At InterBay Asset Finance, everyone has a customer service mindset, creating the best experience for our brokers and customers.

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